At Working Well, we care deeply about empowering people who have been affected by mental health challenges to move towards better health, wellbeing and sense of community. All our client focused services offer support to people who have been affected by emotional or mental health issues to take steps towards improving their own health wellbeing by developing new skills, finding paid work, or even starting their own business. Our services support individuals with mental health conditions, neurodiverse and have learning disabilities. 

As an employment specialist charity, we engage employers to identify and manage workplace causes of poor mental health. Our core mission is to work with employers to effectively manage and support staff impacted by mental health challenges. Good workplace mental health leads to better staff engagement, reduces absenteeism and leads to more productive staff, while also improving individuals own morale and job satisfaction. 

How we can help

We provide personalised, specialized support for individuals and employers across London around mental health and work. 

In work support

The In Work Service supports employers to overcome some of the challenges posed by poor workplace mental health.

Using practical guides and tools, we work to improve awareness and understanding of mental health in workplaces, all with an aim of boosting staff retention and reducing barriers for staff. 

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Getting back to work

Our Individual Placement Services (IPS) work with clients where sustainable employment is the goal, facilitating their transit into the workforce.

We also provide a specialist service for individuals who are neurodiverse or who are disabled to find work and training that is suited to them. 

Where employment is not the immediate goal, our UpSkill service supports individuals to find vocational training and other personal and professional development opportunities.

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Starting a business

We can advise people and groups who want to set up or expand their own enterprise or business. 

Our specialised adviser works with clients at every stage of the business start-up, from generating the idea to after the business have launched. Throughout the journey, Working Well provides one to one support, mentoring opportunities and more. 

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Our impact

We are dedicated to supporting individuals with mental health and neurodiversity on their journey to finding work that suits their needs. Find out more about the progress we’ve made since we supported once first client.

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