Many people take on additional work alongside their full-time or part-time job to earn extra income or pursue their interests. However, taking on additional work can be challenging and require careful consideration to balance the workload, maintain good mental health, and avoid burnout.

  • Time management
    When taking on additional work, it’s important to consider the time commitment required for the new job or project. Can you manage your time effectively to meet the demands of both roles without compromising on quality or productivity? Consider setting up a schedule to ensure that you are maximizing your time to get everything done.
  • Long term goals
    Consider how taking on additional work will align with your long-term goals. Will it provide you with valuable experience, skills, and connections? Will it lead to new opportunities or career advancement? Make sure that the additional work is helping you move forward in your career and personal life.
  • Work life balance
    When taking on additional work, it’s important to consider how it will impact your personal life. Will you still have time for family, friends, hobbies, and other activities? Ensure that the additional work does not take over your personal life, leading to social isolation and poor mental health.
  • Mental health
    Taking on additional work can cause stress and anxiety, leading to burnout. It’s important to prioritise your mental health and ensure that you’re taking breaks, setting boundaries, and managing your workload effectively.
  • Income / Expenses
    Taking on additional work can increase your income, but it’s important to consider any associated expenses. These could include travel, equipment, or other related costs. Ensure that the additional income outweighs the expenses.
  • Legal considerations
    If you are taking on additional work that is similar to your current job, it’s important to consider any legal implications. Consult with your employer or HR department to ensure that you’re not violating any policies, confidentiality agreements, or other obligations.