Barriers to staff taking part in training and development

Regardless of what training and development your organisation offers, it is likely there are barriers that prevent certain staff members from taking part.

While opportunities might be ‘open to all members of staff’, those with fewer qualifications, on lower pay and who don’t work in an office environment are far less likely to take part than staff members who are the opposite.

When planning personal and professional development opportunities in the future, we recommend considering the following six barriers, and mitigating against them.

  • Communication
    Are opportunities to take part in training widely shared across the organisation?
    Is it made clear that anyone can take part regardless of their role in the organisation?
  • Time & Location
    Is the training held during work hours? If not, those with childcare responsibilities may be unable to take part.
    How accessible is the training?
    Will staff need access to technology or have to travel?
  • Education / Experience
    Does the opportunity require you to have a certain level of knowledge in the topic?
    What about those who lack that experience? Or those who don’t have qualifications?
  • Confidence
    Some staff members may lack self-belief and believe that the training is not for them. How do you encourage all staff members to feel they can apply and take part in development opportunities?
  • Disability
    What can be done to lessen the impact of a physical or learning need?
    What can your organisation do to support staff members to take part in opportunities?
  • Health & Wellbeing
    Staff with physical or mental health needs are less likely to take part in training opportunities. What can your organisation do to alleviate any concerns from staff members who don’t feel comfortable taking part?