Based on over 20 years of research, the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment model is internationally recognised as the leading way to support individuals with mental health challenges to gain and keep paid employment. 

Since 2019, we have supported residents of Enfield with mental health who are seeking support to find employment. Our dedicated team of specialists engages with employers on the client’s behalf to find suitable work opportunities support with CV writing and interview preparation.  

Beyond supporting clients, our service also offers mental health awareness sessions for organisations, in-work advocacy, and more. 


Enfield IPS FAQs

IPS is an evidence based method of supporting people with mental health into competitive employment. IPS is client led, so we only support people into roles that they actually want to do, and we work quickly, aiming to have first contact with an employer within 30 days of registering the client for our service.

  • Are there any requirements to access the Enfield Service? 
    Clients must be a resident of Enfield, who is attached to an adult secondary mental health service, and who want support to secure paid employment. You can now also be referred by your GP or support worker if you have a mental health diagnosis.  
  • What does IPS Mean?
    IPS stands for Individual Placement Support. IPS is an employment support model based on evidence of what works to support individuals with mental health to find and retain employment. For more information on IPS please visit https://ipsgrow.org.uk/about/what-is-ips/ 
  • How can clients be referred to the Enfield service? 
    Clients can be referred by their clinician or self-refer through our website or by emailing [email protected] 
  • How long do clients have to wait after referring for someone to be in touch?  
    If you have sent a referral with all details included, it will be assigned to the most relevant Employment Specialist and the client will normally be contacted within 48 hours. Registration appointments are then normally booked in within a fortnight, excluding any exceptional circumstances. 
  • I have engaged with Working Well Trust before, can I access the service again? 
    If you still meet the eligibility criteria outlined in FAQ 1 you will likely still be able to access the service. If you are unsure, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] 

Our impact

The number of clients that gained vocational outcomes… 0


  • I realised I could do so much better with my life than endlessly jumping from one job to the other without doing what makes me happy. Today, I am so proud to say I have a clear sense of direction and now I am putting my wellbeing first before taking any decisions. WWTrust really pumped my confidence, and I wouldn’t have had the guts to make decisions which are right for me without their intervention.
    Client of Working Well
  • My last past five months was plagued with personal tragedies. Thankfully, with the support of Access, I am again on the path of self discovery on personal fronts, as well as my training. My confidence is returning to normalcy, and my DTP training is progressing steadily. I thank all the staff for all their assistance during turbulent periods.
    Client of Working Well
  • I had not worked for many years and my confidence was on the floor, I thought that no employer would ever consider taking me on. My first meeting with Upskill gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to see that I had skills that an employer would want and that I just needed help getting job ready.
    Client of Working Well
  • I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and long term, ongoing anxiety. Before meeting Working Well I believed I was not ready for employment. However, with reassurances, I became able to consider two positions with the NHS and with his help I applied for them. He also gave me benefit advice by letting me know about permitted work and then sourced the right kind of positions for me. I am now looking forward to the jobs outcome.
    Client of Working Well
  • The Peer Support has been a great help. Thanks to the weekly discussions I’m able to unload my concerns and get the needed help where possible. For example, I have got help in getting direction to further my studies and even a little financial support.
    Client of Working Well
  • The care, support, representation provided by WWT at a crucial time helped me feel reassured and alleviated the pressure of stress I was experiencing…they really helped my employer to understand my needs.
    Client of Working Well
  • I have been speaking with… and she has told me how supportive you have been with her work difficulties, it’s clear having the support from yourself is really helping, in particular, to validate her experience of poor treatment.
    THPTS Clinician