Based on over 20 years of research, the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment model is internationally recognised as the leading way to support individuals with mental health challenges to gain and keep paid employment. 

Since 2017, we have supported residents of Tower Hamlets with mental health support needs who want to find employment. Our dedicated team of specialists provide support with approaching employers, the application and interview process, as well as in-work support when the client is in employment. 
Beyond supporting clients, our service also offers mental health awareness sessions for organisations, in-work advocacy, peer support, and more. We also help employers with filling vacancies they have and ensure they are supported throughout the recruitment process or for any queries or support needs.  
Our employment support workers provide support and guidance for clients to move toward paid employment including support with CV’s, job applications, interview preparation and access to training, education and work experience. We work together with the client to create an individual action plan to help them achieve their employment goals and provide support around additional needs to get on the road to paid employment.    


Tower Hamlets IPS Service FAQs

  • Are there any requirements to access the Tower Hamlets service? 
    A client must want to find paid employment, be a resident of the borough of Tower Hamlets, be over the age of 18+ and have a diagnosis of serious mental illness/be accessing secondary mental health support.
  • Is there a cost for using any of the services?  
    The service is completely free.  
  • Where do clients meet their employment support worker? 
    Clients do not have to meet in person there is the possibility of meeting over the phone or via Zoom. If clients want to meet in person, there are various community locations across the borough with available meetings spaces.  
  • What does IPS Mean?
    IPS stands for Individual Placement Support. IPS is an employment support model based on evidence of what works to support individuals with mental health to find and retain employment. 
  • How can clients be referred to the Tower Hamlets service? 
    Clients can be referred by their clinician or they can self-refer. 
  • Do clients need to have worked before to engage with the service? 
    No clients do not need to have worked previously; we can support individuals with all backgrounds. The only thing we need is a desire to take steps towards employment. 
  • How do employers advertise their vacancies with the IPS service? 
    Employers can advertise your vacancies with the IPS service for free. Get in touch with us via our careers and volunteering section to discuss in more detail.   

Our impact

The number of clients supported in 2021 was… 0


  • “I would say that you have been very supportive to our clients and they could see the light at the end of the tunnel working with yourself, your skills and empathy has been great for our clients and they find it easy to connect with your service.”
    Mahmoud Jum’ah, Health & Wellbeing Practitioner For MIND
  • “I think the service is a very good one. Having them in-house it makes it a lot easier for patients to meet with them and for us to support. It’s easier for the patients to trust and work with them which is a very good thing and the staff are fantastic, very personable and very good team players” –
    , Team lead for Early Intervention Service, BEH Trust
  • “Your ES’s are both amazing and have made life so easy for us for supporting our client into work, really helpful, great to have this service integrated into our team”
    , Social Worker in South Locality, BEH Trust
  • “Service users in therapy leave your sessions feeling more confident and often reminded of their skills and abilities that hadn’t been at the forefront of their minds. This empowering approach is so valuable (especially so when conversations are often focused on problems) and really helps with therapy when goals are around feeling more confident and returning to work/activity. Thanks very much.”
    THPTS Clinician, THPTS Clinician
  • “I’m meeting all different types of people and learning something that I still enjoy even though it’s not in my interest and field but I’m learning other things. Access has been very positive for me based on my enquiries helping me find my part time jobs. I’m feeling confident in a positive way.”
    Access Client, Access Client
  • “I was struggling with my mental health and learn something new. It has helped me in many ways – more confident to ask for help when it is needed, communicate with other peers and enjoying sewing. The staff are brilliant, very caring, helpful and encouraging. Each day is difficult to get out of the house and stressful for me but when I attend Sew and Support course it helps me to relax”
    Sew & Support Client, Sew & Support Client
  • “I have seen a difference within myself and am not afraid to attend events/workshop or meet new people by myself. This helped me to open up as a person and able to articulate what I would like to do,”
    Business & Enterprise Client, Business & Enterprise Client
  • “Working with  WWT Business & Enterprise has been an amazing and helpful experience for me.  Due to my ongoing mental health struggles I was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about starting my business, but communicating with Faisal from the get go really helped me clear my head and get a better understanding of what I need to do in order to be successful. 
    WWT Business & Enterprise Client, WWT Business & Enterprise Client
  • “I really am grateful for having Working Well Trust put their time and effort in supporting me on my employment journey. Not only did they help me to believe and have faith in myself, but they have guided me in a way where I don’t have to feel as if I am pressured to rush things. Where I can take on challenges at my own pace and still achieve my goals.”
    Tower Hamlets IPS Client, Tower Hamlets IPS Client
  • “I finally feel as though the work has paid of and the support received has been incredible, I am hoping to continue in building my confidence’
    Enfield IPS Client, Enfield IPS Client