About social enterprises

Social Enterprise is about prioritising communal impact alongside making a profit. At Working Well, our aim is to empower clients to develop confidence and valuable skills, all while supporting the local economy. Across the organisation, there are opportunities to gather meaningful personal and professional development. Our social enterprises offer hands-on experience in a range of settings and provide a vibrant real work environment for clients to develop skills, build confidence and make new connections. 

Clients work with us to broaden their horizons, whether that is to jumpstart a new career avenue, or simply to learn something new for personal growth. At Working Well, we support clients to learn and grow at a pace that suits them.  

Social enterprises FAQs

  • What are the benefits engaging with one of the services??
    Clients can learn and develop a range of skills that support personal and professional development. Skills learnt through the social enterprises can be used in a future work situation or be skills used at home. By learning new skills, clients can grow in confidence as they experience new things and new situations.
  • Is there a cost for being enrolled as a client?
    The social enterprise services are free to access for residents of Tower Hamlets. Residents of other boroughs can still access the service for a fee. For more information please get in touch.
  • How long can clients access the service for?
    Upon starting with us, clients are supported through the service for an initial one year.
  • Do clients get to use the machinery in the social enterprises?
    YES! Clients are trained and supported to use specialist equipment in both Access Print and Sew & Support. By learning to use the equipment, clients receive valuable experience using machinery that you would typically find in other businesses.
  • Do the Social Enterprise services offer any additional support?
    While accessing the service, clients can also receive additional support from a Peer Employment Coach for the purpose of helping people progress towards and sustain employment, including working directly with employers and linking clients to employment support specialists. 
  • What happens if a client is unhappy with the service?
    At Working Well Trust we aim to provide a quality service.  However, if you are unhappy with the service you have received or how you were treated by Working Well staff you have a right to complain.  All complaints will be treated with the utmost seriousness and we aim to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.  The Working Well Trust’s complaints procedure is applicable to clients, staff, trustees, other organisations or individuals. 

    You can access our full complaints procedure here.

Our impact

Find our more about the impact Working Well has had on clients and stakeholders.

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