The Working Well Resource was designed to support individuals around how to improve pay, progression and mental health in workplace.

Mental Health

1 in 6.8 experience mental health challenges in the workplace (Mental Health Foundation).

In this section, you can find recommendations on how to improve mental health at work.

Disclosing Your Mental Health
Reasonable Adjustments
Returning To Work After A Long Absence
What To Consider When Working Remotely…

Mental Health


Progression can mean a lot of different things. Often though, it is hard to know where to start.

This section of the resource offers tips and tools to work explore personal and professional development.

What Is Career Progression?
What Career Progression Is Important To You?
Speaking To Your Employer About Progression…
Part Time Work And Progression
Working Multiple Roles
Career Progression and Disabilities
Internal Interviews – What To Expect
How To Handle Rejection For Progression


Unfortunately you may experience challenges in the workplace that become disputes or grievances.

This sections cover areas to be aware of around managing challenges while in employment.

Preparing For A Challenging Meeting With Your Employer
Facing Discrimination at Work
Handling A Grievance At Work